I Opened Two Gifts This Morning


I opened two gifts this morning. They were my eyes.


  1. Hi I am a Christian just haven’t been the best that I want to be. I am struggling with a lot in the past few years. Last year my dad passed away and nobody in my family contacted me to let me know. All because of a stupid argument I had had with my mom a year prior. Then when I got a text from my sister telling me my father probably was not going to make it, I asked her why she has not spoken to me the entire year and then sends me a text out of the blue telling me my dad is dying…… so to make this short she has always been one to avoid conflict with my mom or anyone in our family for years. I however; tell the truth because a family who cares for each other doesn’t keep brushing issues under the carpet, and so because I asked her why do you only contact me if something bad is going on with her or family? She said it’s always about you. I was trying to tell her I’m hurt that nobody to include my mom for 1 yr has bothered contacting me and now my dad is very sick and she just decides to text me. I wanted her to see that I was hurt by all this family drama, and us not being able to address the problem we have had for past years, so we ended up with me texting her back and telling her that if she can’t talk about this issue then I can’t and don’t want to be any part of this crazy family. So my family never contacted me to tell me that they decided to let him pass and not be on machines and pain meds so I never got my chance to say goodbye to my dad who was the best father in the world to me. Then they had his funeral a week later at the church 5 minutes down the road from where we live. Again nobody called me to let me know. If I had not had a bad dream august 4th and just picked up the phone and called my mom and dad’s home and when I asked to speak to my dad, my mom said he’s gone and when I asked where is he she coldly says we barred him last week. I was in shock, went to see her after 8 hrs of crying and blaming myself for that text I sent and not getting to see him and not once did my mom say why or how she did something so wrong to me. Then my daughter who lives with my parents I was a single mom and my parents helped me raise my daughter. But the past years my mom started to poison my own daughter against me, without me even knowing it. That day she actually said that I was a horrible person, mother and that I was not a mother to her that my mom was. So now I not only find out my mom, sister and my own daughter did this because they hated me or just are pure evil.
    This Thursday will be 1 yr that my dad passed away and my family have yet contacted me. So I am hurt, angry, and want to know why or how they did what they did to me. So I guess that’s why I am so lost and need someone who can help me learn what I need to do to have God in my life again. I’m sorry I had to write a book. It’s so much damage that has been going on prior to my dad’s passing it has been a build up.

  2. Sometimes family can be the most toxic people in the world. There will be no explaining because they see everything their way and they believe that they are right. They are so stuck they can’t even communicate because they’re busy worried about who’s right and who’s wrong
    I recently lost my mother and I saw things I never ever thought would happen in my “at one time loving loving family” and it really saddens me. I actually had to distance myself because I’m normally the peacemaker and I saw people treat other family members horribly and I decided not to take part in that .
    Do not let their actions are there words order hate define who you are .
    It’s natural to want your family to get along and everything to be good but do the best that you can do if they don’t reach back out to you, you may need to give it some time and possibly move on without them in your life.
    There are some good Bible apps that will help you with certain problems every day life and give you comfort.
    “The Bible app “is one of the very best friends I have today
    God bless you I hope you find peace with or without your family


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