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Live Life Happy is an online sanctuary for original & curated quotes, pop art-inspired typography posters, uplifting videos, poems, and short stories to help you get through difficult times in life.

This website was created for YOU… a place where you can escape to anytime you’re in need of inspiration, guidance or mental harmony. Feel free to peruse the site and download some of our posters.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it… Please do spread the love by sharing this site.

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Beautiful White Sands New Mexico


  1. What up R2! Love the site bro!! Keep spreading the love my friend!! I’m using one of your quotes with my team today during our weekly sales meeting. Thanks;)


  2. This is an amazing website and has really helped me grow, and mature as a person. I always come here for guidence when needed, and I advise my friends to do the same.

  3. I love this website it Incourage me to write about myself and my poetry I been writing.. I ready to wrote a book soon…one of my poem is the beautiful black woman .by Pamela squire….its so much I wrote as a child growing up …

  4. Its really great job done, I appreciated. Keep on looking forward more nice inspirable quotes. Thank you

  5. Great website!!

    I look forward everyday to see what’s the next quote. There are quotes on this website that are full of encouragement, hope, faith and many times healing from broken relationships or wounds. Some quotes have helped me see things I couldn’t see before.

    Great job!!

    Thanks and keep it going!!

  6. When I try to join your email list it keeps saying there was a problem problem processing your request. Can you help because I really want to join.

  7. I think that this site is great. Like a Cove you can find comfort and shelter in.

    I live in Ocean City, New Jersey. It’s a wonderful place to live. Clean, quiet and positive.

    Recently someone has been printing your quotes on stickers and defacing our Boardwalk benches, lamp posts, and railings with them. That’s a bit out of line. It’s downright inappropriate. I do not get inspired by a quote that was part of an act of vandelism, and from the number of stickers I have seen scaped off, I am not alone in that feeling. I’ve scaped off some myself. Although the person doing this may mean well maybe they should print out cards and scotch tape them. That would give people who enjoyed them something to take with them is they wanted. And that would save our city from having to clean up the mess that stickers cause.

  8. Awonderful site full of inspirational words to help in all manner of situations, that comforts, encourages, advices and soo many more. God richly bless you all.

  9. I love this site and I open it up everyday to read what you post. It has helped me thru some challenging times.
    Please keep them coming.

  10. It’s a blessing to come to a site like this every day and see how it really inspires thousands to visit (including me), for great counsel, comfort, and a way to connect with others. Many thanks go out to the staff at Deep Life.

  11. I lv dis site very much.u peoples r dudes of life.keep dis good work continue.
    V r very inspired by your heart touching thoughts.we’ll highly appreciate u.
    I’ve also a thought-
    all in d world can’t b happy as 1 wants other 2 b sad.
    Thank u!

  12. I really can’t thank u enough guys for lifting up my spirit. I can’t seem to live without checking up on your website everyday..kip up da good work…. :•)

  13. really awsome work and peaceful quotes and stories . u r doing good work. keep it up. whenever i need inspiration and motivation ,i came here and it give a blast to my mood😊


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