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The Taoist alchemist and herbalist Ko Hung described one of the benefits of nonegotistical awareness: contentment.

The contented man can be happy with what appears to be useless. He can find worthwhile occupation in forests and mountains. He stays in a small cottage and associates with the simple. He would not exchange his worn clothes for the imperial robes, nor the load on his back for a four-horse carriage. He leaves the jade in the mountain and the pearls in the sea. Wherever he goes, whatever he does, he can be happy–he knows when to stop. He does not pick the brief-blossoming flower; he does not travel the dangerous road. To him, the ten thousand possessions are dust in the wind. He sings as he travels among the green mountains.

He finds sheltering branches more comforting than red-gated mansions, the plow in his hands more rewarding than the prestige of titles and banners, fresh mountain water more satisfying than the feasts of the wealthy. He acts in true freedom. What can competition for honors mean to him? What attraction can anxiety and greed possibly hold? Through simplicity he has Tao, and from Tao, everything. He sees the light in the “darkness,” the clear in the “cloudy,” the speed in the “slowness, the full in the “empty.” The cook creating a meal with his own hands has as much honor in his eyes as a famous singer or high official. He has no profits to gain, no salary to lose; no applause, no criticism. When he looks up, it is not in envy. When he looks down, it is not with arrogance. Many look at him, but nobody sees him. Calm and detached, he is free from all dan- ger, a dragon hidden among men…

Detoxify Your Life

The most important step you can take to attain good health is to cleanse your body of all the impurities. Think of your body as a vacuum cleaner. What happens when you don’t empty the bag? The vacuum becomes clogged and malfunctions. The same principles apply to the human body–if you don’t cleanse periodically, then your organs and lymphatic (internal sewage system) system will become overburdened with toxic sludge which will hinder and impede the transfer of vital oxygen and nutritious to various parts of your body. You’ll end up becoming sluggish and feeling lethargic. The best way to reverse the lack of energy and vigor without having to run down to your nearest Starbucks is to cleanse your body by going on a 3 day juice fast. That means no solid foods or fancy sugar-rich Jamba Juice shakes. Adhering to a strict juice fast regimen for 3 days can help to supply your body with important nutrients and systemic enzymes that can break down blockages in the arteries allowing the toxins that have built up over the years to be flushed out of your body.

Also, get all of the energy drainers out of your life! It takes a lot of emotional, mental and spiritual energy to reach your goals and to be happy. You can run faster with 100 who want to go then with one hanging around your neck. Be around people that inspire and nourish you. One rotten apple can spoil a whole barrel, one energy drainer can spoil your whole life! Detoxify yourself of people that zap your energy.

I hope I was able to shed some light on the importance of implementing a detoxification protocol. Until next time… Live your greatness!