Bitcoin Alts: CND + TRX Will Crush 2018!

2018 Bitcoin Tron CND

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have truly risen in popularity throughout the world, and are now starting to enter the mainstream. You see, people are starting to recognize the vast array of benefits – increased security, anonymous transactions, and quick usage to name a few. Plus, cryptocurrencies offer a very LUCRATIVE investment opportunity, and the value of certain coins are constantly going up.

If you invested $1000 USD on 01/01/2017 into the following coins, you would now have:

#BTC Bitcoin $14k
#ETH Ethereum $87.5k
#XRP Ripple $335k
#LTC Litecoin $50k
#XMR Monero $24k
#Dash $88.9k
#Neo $515.7k

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Now, since the blockchain and cryptocurrencies were invented, Bitcoin has been the major player. Bitcoin has been the daddy of the market, if you like, but the success of BTC has paved the way for many more to try and join the race. So, as well as BTC, you’ve probably heard of Ethereum and Litecoin (both Altcoins).

But, these days, there’s over a thousand cryptocurrencies available, and the market is now worth approximately $850 billion. Why? Because it’s easier than ever for individuals or companies with sufficient capital to create a coin offering. Then, if they can forge a brilliant ICO campaign and secure enough investment, their coin could capture the attention of the masses and catapult to the moon.

So, surely there’s some hidden gems, right?

Well, fortunately for you, there most certainly is. However, with these two coins I’m about to reveal to you, you’ll need to act FAST if you don’t want to miss out! They’re both set to skyrocket throughout 2018 in terms of value, and this means they’re a great opportunity to make a lot of money if you invest NOW…


CND, or otherwise known as Cindicator’s coin, is designed for those who wish to trade more efficiently. They’ve developed AI-based algorithms, and accompanied them with tons of crowd wisdom, to provide users with clever predictions. This means you’ll be able to make more from your assets, without ever having to jeopardize your funds.

As for the CND coin itself – currently there are 1.45 million of them being traded on the market, at the price of $0.009088. But, with the influx of cryptocurrency traders in the financial industry, the price is forecasted to go on a drastic incline, and reach a peak by the end of 2018. So, you can be assured that it’s going to be a fantastic digital coin, and will be used heavily in the future.


TRX has been established by Tron, and their mission is to bring innovation to the entertainment industry. Tron wants to build a free content distribution platform, where users can store, own and publish data. The idea is very similar to Apple’s App Store, but Tron want to utilize their own cryptocurrency to make it completely free.

With TRX, you know you’re going to get a coin which is improving all the time. Back in December, it was valued at $0.0021, but has since skyrocketed to $0.21 (a $100 investment in TRX would have turned into $10,000), which is a very impressive increase. Although, it isn’t going to stop there, and TRX will continue to increase throughout 2018, and will become a tremendous alternative to some of the other coins.

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Full disclosure: I’m not a financial advisor and I get commissions for the purchases made through the links in this post. Also, the above information should not be taken as investment advice. It is for general knowledge purposes only. You should do your own research before buying any cryptocurrencies.