• I will try to understand the last two quotes in the morning I don’t want to misunderstand because I’m sleepy.. I hope nothing’s wrong.. I hope nothings wrong.. good night

  • because for now I don’t understand what you mean.. all I know is of course I want to be with the one I love.. I will read these again in the morning.. I’m sad now because I don’t understand why it can’t be the one that I love.. good night again..

  • what have I done, please tell me.. don’t you think it’s a beautiful day, have I done something wrong again?? I thought everything was allright, I thought it was a beautiful day.. what’s wrong??

  • maybe they are all different moods of the one we love, maybe they look different but one? what do you think?

  • and how the hell I know which one is which?

  • dont be sad Zenynep … it will come when you least exptect it, Im in the same situation

  • Me 2
    long communication

  • forget about facebook
    your site is more interesting

  • Loving someone means all emotion, but no character; settling for someone means no emotion or character, just using the person; and the person we’re meant for will cause appreciation of character that leads to true emotions!

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